Changelings in Paris

Ben's Clarity

Burning brightly

1. The familiar bzzz of the electricity courses through your veins. In front of you sits your keeper and a friend of his, deep in discussion. You think you can understand the words, but somehow none of it makes sense. None of it has made sense after the voices left. It’s like someone is using your native tongue but overlaying it with code. Maybe the electricity has just been making you stupid. You can’t tell.

2. Stay on, don’t nod off. Keep the light strong. It’s ok, you’ve got to stay on. Breathe, stay on. It’s a constant litany. Stay on. You’ve got to get out, stay on. At least it isn’t as painful anymore, stay on. Surely he’ll go to bed soon, stay on. Then you can curl up, stay on. Sleep for a while, stay on. He’s just going to finish beating this girl, stay on. Then you’ll be done, stay on. Ok, maybe after the next one he’ll be done, stay on. You wish he wouldn’t hurt them, stay on. Perhaps they deserve it, stay on.



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