Changelings in Paris

Cheyenne's Clarity

Such a tasty morsel.

1. You tear into the flesh before you, your human mind gone. The man before you screams in agony as you rend his flesh with your teeth. You go for fleshy parts first, avoiding organs, they never taste as good. He passes out for a moment and then reawakens to the agony of you destroying his body. Eventually you have eaten your fill, and you step away. He shutters a few last breaths as you turn your back to him. Your master pats you on the head. “good kitty.”
2. You can smell the subjects fear. It’s pouring rain, you can see the hope in their steps as they think they might evade you. Silly human, to think they can outhunt a cat at night. You can toy with them a bit more, enjoy their terror. Your master commanded you not to eat this one. [Will you obey?]
Yes- You won’t. Anything for Maradros. Just a bit more play and you’ll bring her in.
No- As you smell the blood from her cuts, the lust overtakes you. You leap and rip out her throat.

3. Later that night he took her/someone else to his bed. He was all smiles, and you could hear her cries from your pen, cold and wet as it was. You do become human in form, as usually happens when you aren’t hunting, which does not help with the cold. You shudder in the cold, wrapped in a small blanket. This night couldn’t end soon enough. You were left out with another hunter, a wolf-man, who leers at you as you shiver.

4. It feels like a cloud has lifted from your mind. Everything feels better, more right. And then you realize what you’ve done. You count back, attempting to remember how many you’ve killed, how many you’ve eaten. It must be over 200, you can’t even remember anymore. Yet when the fairy begins running from your master and the rest of his pets, you run, and it feels good to run. You are among the first to catch up, you delight in the chase, and as you bite down the flesh tastes good. Even as you think human, the flesh tastes like the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten. What are you?



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