Changelings in Paris

Javier's Clarity

The thrill is in the chase

1. You flash him a reassuring smile. This’ll be fine, it’s just like normal. Just doing a heist like normal. You rob this little house, get out. Nothing could go wrong. The dark shape before you holds out his hands, asking for memories.
[This is your first heist. choose a memory with him to give up]
And just like that it’s gone. What were you thinking about?
The heist goes as planned, you reach the treasure first. A pretty little knick knack, a small fox statue made of gold. You place it at your master’s feet.
Your partner takes off his watch and hands it to you teasingly. You smile and grab it, stealing a kiss as well. This could be fun….

2. You glare at the stranger beside you. You’ve got to win, you don’t want to give anything up. You know you’ve won about equally so far, and your master took away most of your valuables. It’s high stakes now. You surrender the memory of… someone. A first kiss. You can’t quite recall. Winner gets gear off of the other one, meaning the loser would have a clear disadvantage. You can’t lose.
And you don’t. The magical trinket is in your hands. The stranger throws you a grappling hook, looking at you angrily.

3. The monster they’ve sent you face lays beside you. It’s naked with nothing, no arms or legs, just a torso. It’s eyes are gone, there’s no tongue. Doesn’t seem like much competition, but you don’t know. You give up a memory of saying I love you for the first time. Doesn’t seem to matter too much. You can’t even remember who you said it to. There’s a vague face, but nothing much.
You win, and the monster sighs, reaches into its chest and surrenders it heart. You stare at it without pity as it quickly dies.

4. When the monster closes its eyes for the last time memories come flooding back. Not a monster. Your lover. You’d done so much together. You remember the way he’d hold you as you slept, how he’d kiss you when you were sad. And not just your memories. You saw him putting money down on a ring, the plans to propose. The bargain he’d made with the fairy to keep you safe for as long as he could.
You run away, tears falling down your face as the memories slam into you like waves. A few moments of respite and then you remember more. Your first kiss, the first time you robbed together. You run blindly away. The time you met, how his smile would flash across the room. You feel thorns tearing at you inside and out, but it doesn’t matter. How could you do that to him? Suddenly you’re in the middle of the water, and you look around. A river in… Paris? Could this really be Paris?



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