Changelings in Paris

Karrie's Clarity

There's no place like home

1. You wake up the feel of water in your lungs. You cough, trying to push it out, but it doesn’t change, you can’t breathe. Through tearing eyes you see you’re in a room you’ve never been in, there are hundreds of dolls just like yours on the wall. They begin screaming at the top of their lungs, you are hunched on the floor, trying to catch your breath. Why does it still feel as if you’re drowning? You hear a slosh in your back…

2. You run breathlessly through the gate, past the animals and the tree, you must get out. You can get out. You can get home. This mantra runs through your head again and again as you run. You dodge through trees and the forest grows thicker, darker… You recognize this forest! You’re so close to where you came through…
As you enter the hedge you feel an agonizing pain, like someone ripping open your flesh in the same place they’ve done before. You gasp for breath and nearly pass out, you can feel nothing but the agony.
[[Roll Stamina + Survival]
Success: You keep running, out and free, towards your house. You’ve made it.
Failure: You pass out, the last thing you hear is a dark cackle. You’ve failed. And now comes the beating.

3. You peek in the window of your house, so excited to be home. At the table is your father, step mother, 2 step sisters, all much older, but still, that’s alright, and someone you don’t recognize, they have their back to you… She has long blonde hair, but that’s all you can see. You can hear yelling, what could be happening?
Your father kicks open the door around the side of the house. “GET OUT! YOU’RE NOTHIN BUT A THIEVINGWHORE, YOU CAN’T JUST KEEP COMING BACK HERE WHEN YOU’RE DONE WITH YOUR PROSTITUTING. YOU’RE NOT WELCOME IN MY HOUSE EVER AGAIN.” He sighs loudly. “You’re not my daughter any more Vasilyia.”



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