Changelings in Paris

Liya's Journal

January 3rd, 2012
The New Year’s festival was phenomenal this year. The masks were amazing, and I was able to use my own mask, instead of the Magistrates mask. I choose a snow leopard mask…and when I dropped my mein…..I thought it looked lovely, all spots and antlers…the gray of the mask actually matched the gray of my ears, and people were mildly surprised when the “mask’s ears” moved.
Everyone else had wonderful masks as well; Claude work a chimera mask, all feathers and carved and painted leather, while Pagino ware a peacock mask, also made out of leather. Of course, I didn’t manage to figure it out until after the ball ended. I even danced with them…I…was not that observant…the wine was also lovely.
Jasper wore a mask of green leaves…real green leaves…At least, I think it was him….as he had the same deer ears…..and a golden crown…with antlers. So I’m pretty sure it was him. And the eyes were the same… The Dawn Court leader, the Rose princess, wore a mask of rose petals….and the Iron Despot had what looked like a harlequin mask…all green and silver. It was lovely, and I danced with many people. It was nice. The music was lovely, just perfect for dancing. Jiria (she’s the one that organized it this year) did a good job. I also danced with all of them, including Jiria… She was in her waxen mask…so it was a little bit harder to identify her. She had a lovely dress. Also, the court leaders are taller than I expected. The things you learn after a few too many glasses of mead and wine, and after hours of dancing.
The decorations were lovely, and the effigy was buried. It was…quiet. We lost too many changeling this year….Of course I think that even one loss is unacceptable…but…..Well….I did enjoy the Ball. The refreshments were lovely. We’re planning already for the next festival….It’s going to be busy this year. I do believe a blue moon is coming up soon….that will be interesting….

Well, off to work. I have to tattoo some weird things today. There a young lady who want a cartoon onigiri tattooed on her left shoulder….and then a young man wants his girlfriend’s son tattooed on his leg….they….look nothing alike.

Cat still lurking. Still using a gas stove. Learned to make angel food cake recently.

Vasiliya, January Third, 2012
“Tattooed some tourists today. Most wanted something sufficiently ‘French’ tattooed on them. One of my older customers returned today. He’s been away a long time. Asked me to tattoo a faun on the back of his shin…leg. Lower leg. That part. I still don’t know the French word for that part…Will have to look it up later. Finished the faun today. Just a simple black and white tattoo. Took a picture, and placed in the album with the rest of the photographs of all the other tattoos I’ve done.
The Vernal Equinox is soon…I need to finish helping out with that. I’ll look at the list later. It will be nice to get a break.
Also finished mural in my bedroom. I think I like it. Although I’m pretty sure I missed a constellation on the ceiling…and I’m still not sure if I like how the painting of the desert came out. The Wall with the city painted on it turned out well though. Also finished the painting of the Rose Princess. I’m not too fond of the background, and I didn’t get the hands right…but it’s done. I like it. Mostly.

Computer at work still hates me, but I’ve managed to be able to at least enter in appointments without mucking it up. The stray cat is still hanging around. I don’t like it. It stares.

Made stew last night, and homemade bread. Technically it was a bread bowl filled with stew…either way it was delicious.

Vasiliya, Personal Journal
February 4 years post escape
“Work today was interesting. A customer wanted me to do a tattoo of B.Y. They were really impressed with the design. Did the basic black outlines today. They’re returning in a month for the color. Another customer wanted one of a faerie. I sent them to a coworker. I’m tired of sketching faeries. I’ve done seven of them in the last week.

On another note, the store computer died on me. It doesn’t like me too much. It had what my boss called a ‘blue-screen-a-death’…. Strange name for this…error.

Last, made rice. Burnt rice. Went out and got dinner at the closest bakery. I’m getting tired of bread.

Stray cat was still lurking. Can’t find who owns it. I really do not like that cat.

Vasiliya, Private journal
November——- 3 years post escape.


Just so you know, I super love the court leader’s masks. Especially the iron despots

Liya's Journal

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