Cyril Swift


Name: Cyril Swift
Concept: Reformed Thief
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Pride
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One/Levinquick
Court: Dawn
Entitlement: Bishopric of Blackbirds

Intelligence: 3 Wits: 2 Resolve: 2
Strength: 2 Dexterity: 3 Stamina: 2
Presence: 4 Manipulation: 2 Composure: 2

Medicine (Diagnosis): 2 Occult: 1 Politics: 1

Athletics: 1 Brawl (Boxing): 3 Drive: 2
Larceny: 3 Stealth (Shadowing): 3

Empathy: 2 Persuasion (Fast Talk): 3 Socialize: 2
Streetwise: 2 Subterfuge: 2

Dual Kith: 2
Mantle (Dawn): 2
Resources: 2

The Moon: 1
Seperation: 5

Court Enmity (Summer)

Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Wyrd: 2
Glamour: 6
Clarity: 7
Speed: 10
Initiative: 5
Defense: 2

EXP expenditure: 5th dot Seperation (20), 1st dot athletics (3) 1st and 2nd dot Subterfuge and Socialize (18) 1st and 2nd dot Resources(6)2nd dot resolve (10)

EXP left: 3



Ben Hivick


Cyril Swift





Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity?

Heterosexual Male

What is your Mask?

More or less the same way I’ve always looked…the Fae took something out of my eyes, though. They’re a very bright blue now, where they used to be deep. I’m also taller. Or maybe shorter. I’ve not found my fetch, for obvious reasons, and I’m not entirely sure what I looked like back then. My height just looks…wrong. I’m still thin, though, and my black hair lies just as straight as it always has.

(Vitals: 5’9" (used to be 5’11"), 136 lbs, bright (Cyril would say ‘shallow’) blue eyes, cropped black hair. Neither much fat nor muscle to speak of)

What is your Mein?

Remember those eyes? Okay, now picture them bloodshot. Except the blood is white, like lightning, and it doesn’t stop at my eyes. It continues, under my skin, tracing its patch back to my heart. That’s my entire body, now-I can cover it up, and usually do, with clothing-but especially on my head and other extremities, it becomes clear as day. And, of course, if I need to light up, no amount of clothing can block off the brightness. That freak wanted to turn me into a human lightbulb and-somehow-he did.

Who were you as a human?

That’s not an easy question. Most recently? A has-been model and a thief. Say what you will about the ‘modern’ society and our ‘forward’ views-an ex-model who was also a woman? She could have lived her entire life off that. Me? I could usually get a drink or two for free, sure, and I could get in nearly anybody’s pants; come morning it was time to go. I had to make a living somehow, and theft was pretty easy for me-if I was caught, I could lie or charm my way out of it. Besides, it made them shut up for a while.

Before that? Well, to be a has-been model you had to start a model. You’ve probably seen me on a magazine somewhere. Maybe touched up a bit-we all are-and probably a little different in other ways, what with what the bastards did to me while I was gone. Regardless, there’s a good chance you saw me. And that life was great-I was rich, I was famous, and everything was easy. The drugs were wonderful, especially, at least until they had some long term effects. And just like that, my career was ruined. I was too distracted to get work-couldn’t stand still for more than a minute without someone telling me to jump, or run, or steal. Once that got around, I was done.

Eventually, I got to a doctor. My record didn’t matter anymore, there was something wrong with me and I wasn’t going to let it keep going. I didn’t know if they could fix my issues, but I knew if they could I would be able to model again, or at least do something else in the industry. A real job, at least. It wasn’t long before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia-there aren’t too many things that cause chronic hallucinations, after all, and hearing voices is text book. For some reason-I’ve since learned that this guy was a hack, but I had no clue at the time-his suggestion was electrotherapy. I consented, considering that my life was more or less a wreck already. That’s the last thing I remember before waking up in Arcadia.

Who were you close to before you were taken? Lovers? Family?

Nobody, really. My parents died when I was young, and any connections with my former career had been severed after one too many breakdowns on the job.

Why did you get taken?

I’m told that Fairest are generally taken for our looks. To be blunt, while that was probably part of it, I think that this particular fairy was a nutjob. He saw a human wired up to some lights and shiny bits and concluded that I must be the source of electricity. We all know that this idea is crazy-but this is Arcadia we’re talking about. So, of course, it worked.

How long were you in Arcadia? Human time/Fairy time

I have no clue how long I was in Arcadia in faerie time. In human time, it was only three days-and one of the first things I saw were the headlines declaring my own death. I don’t know what the poor fetch was made of, but it sure as hell didn’t take well to shock therapy.

What happened in Arcadia?

I was a human light bulb. Day in and day out I lit up as though I were made of electricity. In reality, the electricity wasn’t actually a part of me, at least at first. It coursed through my veins for what seemed like forever, hitting my brain every few seconds. All the while the voices screamed at me-they wanted me to leave, to walk away-but I couldn’t. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever gone through; but that doesn’t necessarily say much. Eventually, that all changed. Something snapped, and then the energy was a part of me. Just like that, the voices were gone.

D’you know what it feels like to finally have peace after years of being hounded by people telling you what to do anytime you stand still? You probably don’t. You’re thinking it’d be peaceful, a repose from the loudness. Its actually the scariest thing ever. It might have been the electric, it might just be that I hadn’t done what they asked in so long, but suddenly I was alone. Sure, there was the faerie who captured me and his occasional guest, but now I could see clearly, understand clearly, and it was obvious that I had no way to interact with them. I was simply a pretty light, a curiosity to the fae, and worse-I was alone.

How did you get your contracts?

The moon…I don’t know. It might be that I came into Arcadia already broken, but by the time I came out I had a slight power over madness. As for seperation, that contract was made with the enchanted axe that I used in my escape.

What broke you?

My illness being ‘cured.’ I had grown accustomed to the constant badgering to the point that when it was gone, I didn’t know what to do with myself. For a while-I have no clue how long, it was impossible to differentiate day and night with my own light surrounding me-I wasn’t even sure that I was me, and not simply one of the voices in my old body. This confusion eventually lead to the actual shutdown that allowed my escape, however.

How did you escape?

Eventually, I found that it was in my power to adjust the strength of the light I gave off. With this realization, however, came the requirement of conscious effort to maintain it. At this point, I began ‘turning off’ whenever my captor left-fear of punishment kept me from doing so in his presence. After even this grew to be too much mental effort with no rest, I finally shut down entirely. One day, when he found me in such a state, he opened the glass prison I was contained in. Whether he intended to punish me or to ‘fix’ me I will never know, for the moment he opened my cell I threw all of my energy into flashing as brightly as possible. He began groping around blindly as I slipped out around his grasp and into this home.

The door was thick, and my muscles had atrophied. Luckily, I spotted an axe hanging on the wall. It was most likely ornamental, but it was my only chance. While I had never handled such a tool before, it felt instinctual in my hands and I quickly cleaved through the barrier. Outside, I simply picked a direction and ran. The axe seemed to direct me-whenever there was a barrier, it would cleave through almost as though directing my hand instead of the other way around. Eventually, I simply began cutting down any obstacles on my own.

Soon enough, I reached the hedge. Instead of diving into the forest, I made the mistake that cost me the axe-luckily not my life. I attempted to cut into the brush in my path and it grasped at the axe blade, pulling it deeper into the foliage. I let go, and ran parallel to the hedge until a path appeared. It might have only been there because of my allowing it to take the axe-I’ve heard that the forest can have a mind of its own at times-but this path was straight and narrow until I emerged back in my hometown, mere days after I left.

How have you dealt with the horror?

I usually surround myself with people. I was already quite the social butterfly before my durance, so it felt natural. And even more importantly, it felt safe. After my ‘companions’ left, I felt an urge for constant social interaction. And though it has lessened-I can enjoy quiet time to myself, now-I still began to feel intense loneliness if I have to spend more than a day without others.

What have you done since you got back?

Modeling, actually. The scene in France is far enough removed that nobody connected me with my former self, especially with the different eyes and height. I do things a little different now, though. Less partying, and more importantly, more careful partying. Alcohol is still okay on the occasion, but I avoid recreational drugs like the plague.

As for in a non-occupational sense? I spent a good year or two hanging with the summer court and just being my own man, or so I told myself. In reality I was with a group of thugs who had connections higher up-I won’t say any names, but they really don’t like me any more. That changed when I met Lily. She introduced me to the Bishopric, and I quickly found a much more fitting place for myself there. My activities with the court lessened gradually, and I realized that they weren’t the place for me at all. The whole seasonal court system was based on the Fae and avoiding them, which wasn’t quite my style. So, after two years there, I burnt those bridges and joined the Dawn Court. Giving other people hope and security is a much more worthwhile cause than focusing on combating the monsters if you ask me. Now I work with the Blackbirds and have entrenched myself in the Dawn Court.

Of course, those philosophical differences aren’t the only reason I left Summer. Nor was the corruption of the crew I ran with quite enough. No, chasing Lily also had something to do with it. She was the most stunning woman I’d ever seen-even, no, especially for a darkling. I’ve met a number of other fairest in my time here but nobody compares to Ms. Roseburn. She’s also We became fast friends, and ever since have tip-toed the line of something more. I’m sure as hell interested, but nobody but Lily herself knows her opinion on the matter, and I don’t intend to share mine until the situation is a little more….resolved.

What do humans think you do?

Modeling. Which, considering that is what I do, is none too surprising. The job isn’t as steady as I like anymore, but its more than enough to get me by and leaves plenty of time for my work for Dawn, the Bishops, and the freehold as a whole.

What is your relationship with your court?

I have a very good relationship with the court in general, mainly due to my work with the Bishops helping to ease transitions for various members of the Freehold. As a court, we have to recognize that our need for change can cause issues for the changelings they most closely effect, and myself and the other bishops do what we can to help them cope. Having a very close friend working directly for the Rose Queen helps, as well.

Where do you live?

Why did you join your Entitlement?

Equal parts in exchange for a favor from Lily, to get to know Lily more, and a general desire to do some good in the freehold.

Explain any flaws you have.

There are quite a few members of the summer court who wouldn’t complain in the least if I were found dead in a sewer somewhere. And there are at least a half-dozen who would do the deed themselves.

Explain your merits?

((Mantle-connections to and consistent good work with the court.
Dual Kith-Both a bright one and levinquick
Resources-Low hours but good pay.))

What do you know about your fetch?

He’s either dead or, if he’s more clever than I’d imagine, faked his own death. More power to him either way; the life he’d hold in Italy has no real meaning to me any longer.


Socializing. That’s honestly about it; I’ll take part in nearly any social activity but the interaction is what matters.

1 wish- what would it be?

What changelings are you close to?

Lily. If the answers to the above questions weren’t enough indication, I hold her in very high esteem, and am also quite smitten with the woman. She helped to change me from the thug I left Arcadia as into someone much more palatable.

What humans do you contact?

My modeling agent. We aren’t close friends or anything, and I wouldn’t trust him with anything important outside of my job, but we do buy eachother the occasional drink.

What are you most proud of?

My work with the Bishops. Not any specific incident, but doing what I can to keep the freehold sane and stable is certainly an accomplishment.

What is your worst memory pre-Arcadia?

Probably something from the time I was first suffering from schizophrenia. After a while it was something I was used to, but the first couple of days while I was still trying to work and couldn’t get the voices to let me do my job were terrifying. I couldn’t even try to stop from doing what they urged at the time, and as such I definitely did some things I’m not proud of.

What 3 languages do you speak?

Italian, French, English.

What would your spirit animal be and why?

Who has influenced you most in your life?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

If you had a D&D alignment what would it be?

Neutral Good.

How do you deal with problems?

Favorite book/movie/folktale?

What famous historical or literary figure is your role model?

Describe yourself in a phrase.

NEW QUESTION!!!!!!! Do you go to the changeling Festivals? Is there one kind that you skip, or one that you always go to?

Cyril Swift

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