Evan Kerns




Sexual Orientation and gender identity
Male heterosexual

What is your mask?
6’2", bear of a man, heavy brow, salt and pepper hair, stubbled

What is your mein?
The same but cyclops-y

Who were you as a human
High school principle

Who were you close to before you were taken?
Wife, child, faculty.

Why did you get taken
Investigated the disappearances and replacement of my students
How long were you in Arcadia
12 years

What happened in Arcadia
I was forced to fight kids. Kids you get me? For entertainment. I fought like a fucking gladiator but with fucking kids.

How did you get your contracts
I just wanted to be done. So now I can do what I do…. better and faster.

What broke you
They made me kill kids with my fucking hands. So, that fucked me up. Also, the one that replaced me… he hurt kids too. My kids, the kids at my school. But different.

How did you escape
I killed my way out. I had to fight my way out through the cages where they kept the others. I killed guards, kids, everything

How have you dealt with the horror
I drink, a lot. And I hurt folks and fight folks. Cause I forget where I am when I do it.

What have you done since you got back
I worked as a bouncer. And an enforcer. I found my replacement. And I burned him

What do humans think you do
Pretty much what I said above. I hurt folks for money

where do you live
Sacre Couer

Why did you join your Entitlement
They’re like me, and they pay to do what I do best

Explain any flaws
If I’m not fighting, I"m drunk. IF you hurt a kid, I’ll fucking kill you

What do you know about your fetch
He. Fucking. touched. kids. My kids.

… Is drinking a hobby? How about punch ups?

1 wish
How about getting my fucking family back?

What are you most proud of?
I killed my fetch. Pretty fucking proud of that

Worst memory Pre-Arcadia
I hated being discipline dean at my school. Having to ‘scare kids straight’ hurt more than anything

3 languages
English, Italian, Latin

Spirit animal
Hibernating bear. Slow to anger, but once upset, implacable

Who influenced you most?
My wife, Ann taught me how good a man I could be. Losing her showed me… the opposite.

What did you want to do when you grew up?
Don’t laugh… pro football

D&D alignment?
The fuck…? Neutral. I guess. I don’t give a shit

How do you deal with problems?
I drink and I punch

Favorite book/movie/folktale
I don’t read much but…. Lord of the Flies. Not as much no. Zulu

What famous historical or literary figure is your rolemodel?

Describe yourself in a phrase
Tough Motherfucker

What festivals?
The brawl. Other than that, not really a festival kind of guy


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