Gabriel Couture


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Gabriel Couture



Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity?
Straight Male

What is your Mask?
5’10" 160 lbs, wearing the most recent fashions
Brown shaggy hair with brown eyes

What is your Mein?
Diminutive, translucent as if fading away, skin that is mirrory, constant look of fear in eyes, long hair obscures face, seems to wear a veil of shadows that also muffles sound

Interacting with people and animals
Nervous fiddling

Who were you as a human?
At the age of 5 Gabriel watched helplessly as his parents were murdered and his older sister Amelie (8yrs old) was sexually assaulted by cultists, shattering his mind. As he and his sister grew up in an orphanage , Gabriel began hearing voices and withdrawing from the world. Uncaring and awkward, Gabriel dropped out of secondary school and was released by the orphanage at 18. Neither drug-addicted Amelie nor schizophrenic Gabriel could hold a job, they did end up supporting each other on the Parisian streets.

Who were you close to before you were taken? Lovers? Family?
Sister- Amelie (26)
Auditory Hallucinations

Why did you get taken?
Growing up, Amelie always took care of Gabriel. After two years of living on the streets an offer presented itself to Gabriel in the form of a fairy disguessed as a businessman. The man offered Gabriel money and power for parciipating in unspecified research. Desperate for a chance to return the favor to Amelie, Gabriel agreeed to the deal. The nxt day he was taken to Arcadia.

How long were you in Arcadia? Human time/Fairy time
1.5 human years, 7 fairy

What happened in Arcadia?
2 years of horrible medical and psychological experiments to cure the schizophrenia
5 years of being observed in darkness and silence. Including spans of observing social interactions, unable to participate.

How did you get your contracts?
Was taught by a changeling in the spring court in an effort to get him to stop talking

What broke you?
After years of hearing voices he suffered several years of absolute nothingness

How did you escape?
Was simply allowed to leave after 7 year contract

How have you dealt with the horror?
Always interacting with others or talking to himself.

What have you done since you got back?
Upon finding himself mysteriously endowed with money, Gabriel purchased a decent home and has ingratiated himself into Spring court politics, all the while intently searching for amelie.

What do humans think you do?
Independently wealthy

What is your relationship with your court?
Accepted but not socially liked

Where do you live?
Along Rue Fresnel in the 16th District

Why did you join your Entitlement?
In his search for Amelie, Gabriel found some changelings who had interacted with her. Suspecting she might have tried to find her way into Arcadia, he began looking for people who would have seen her. Gabriel found the Barony. They had no news but Gabriel worked his way into the organization so he could keep a close eye on the movements through the hedge

Explain any flaws you have.
As a side effect of a fear of silence, Gabriel talks to himself
Growing up schizophrenic, Gabriel did not develop social skills, since he now thrives on social interaction, he is ignorant of how social interaction works.

Explain your merits?
Gabriel got his money from his contract with the fairy. His mantle is from putting time and money into getting connections with the court.

What do you know about your fetch?
Gabriel knows only that he is missing. In reality Amelie found him to be a doppelganger, killed him, and worked her way into Arcadia to rescue Gabriel. She never found him and is currently missing.

1 wish- what would it be?
I wish that mother and father were still here to care for us

What changelings are you close to?
Socially? Not many, if any
Politically, many members of the Spring court and the barony

What humans do you contact?
Any that I can

What are you most proud of?
Having made it this far

What is your worst memory pre-Arcadia?
The night his parents died

What 3 languages do you speak?

What would your spirit animal be and why?
Wombat, because fuck you, that’s why

Who has influenced you most in your life?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
At least sanity, Alexander the Great
At most sanity, normal

If you had a D&D alignment what would it be?
Neutral good

How do you deal with problems?
I panic and talk to myself

Favorite book/movie/folktale?
Art of War by Sun Tzu- pre-Arcadia

What famous historical or literary figure is your role model?
Nicholas Sarkozy

Describe yourself in a phrase.
A socially inept social butterfly on a quest to save his sister

Do you go to the changeling Festivals? Is there one kind that you skip, or one that you always go to?
As many as I can. Lots of people? I’m there.

Gabriel Couture

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