Gunther Dunkelwald


Player: Brennan Jackson

Name: Gunter Dunkelwald

Age: 27

Nationality: German American

Sexual Orientation and gender identity: Bisexual male

What is your mask: An average human with greasy hair, glasses, and a lanky build. I’d say I’m average looking, at least. Nice smile, brown eyes.

What is your mein: I become… lost, when I lose my mask. It’s like the infinite knoledge I’ve learned manifests itself within me. What better way then darkness I become as black as night, featureless, genderless, hairless, excepting my yellow lunar eyes.

Who were you as a human: I was a creative writer, very unsuccesful, that I blamed on the death of creativity through works such as Jersey shore

Who were you close to before you were taken: My mother Garria Dunkelwald, and Father, Hans Dunkelwald, as well as a younger sister Hilda Dunkelwald

Why did you get taken: As pennance for my… less than moral deciscions with my younger sister. THe fairies grabbed me to tell their stories of glory and valor.

How long were you in arcadia: 1 day/ 500 years. Oh yes.

What happened in Arcadia: I was ripped through space and time to a dark, dank auditorium with an audience of 5 beings unrecognizable to me. I was instructed to tell the stories of fairies from existence to end. Not knowing, I was taught the ‘history’ of fairies. It took 100 years, and Gunther died at the end. This happened 4 times.

How did you get your contracts: on the third birth I pleaded with my captors to help me waeave this tale, to create this story. They provided me with the ability to work with my hands. I was not amused

What broke you: The first death and rebirth

How did you escape: On the 4th birth, Gunther began telling the story of fairies. When he turned 26 again he stated that he was returned home. The fairies accepted this and sent hiim home

How have you dealt with the horror: By drowning himself in underage woman 10-16

What have you done since you got back: I attempted to discover the world of fae and tried to write, but I could only write the same story or a variation of it. Based on my time in Arcadia.

What do humans think you do: If I’m not holed up in my apartment crying or having sex with someone?

What is your relationship with your court: What those guys who keep sending me “we miss you” letters and fliers?

Where do you live: Just outside of Puteaux, France

Why did you join your entitlement: To better learn and help learn about the Fae. bastards.

Explain any flaws you have: My addiction… there’s just so much ignoranceblissfullness in the young ones. I want that to be me again.
And poor sight? You spend 400 years in a low light room adn tell me how you feel.

What do you know about your fetch: seeing as I didn’t know that’s what it was untilmonths later…

Hobbies: Writing, reading, reading more, paper airplanes, voyeurism

1 wish: I wish I’d never gone to arcadia. Also that the judging looks would stop. And that sandles and socks were cool. It’s so comfortable. And elizabeth. I’d like her to be mine.

Who are you close to: Giselle Latrice “psychiatrist” Jorge Lachance: editor in cheif of the local newsletter

3 languages: german, english

Spirit animal: I’d like to think a might dragon but I know it’d be a slimy, disgusting rat, amoral and guileless.

Influence; Poe

What did you want to be when you grew up: Poe.

D&D Alignment: lawful neutral

How do you deal with problems: Alcohol, most often. I may write or sketch what I see in my mind. I might look in the deepest dark corners of the internet

Favorite book/movie/folktale: The pit and hte pendulum

Phrase: I’m not insane, I’m not a loner, people just don’t get me.

Festivals: Yes. I have to sell books, don’t I?

Gunther Dunkelwald

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