Vasiliya Prazbitay

"To achieve anything, you need knowledge. You have to know what you are doing. When you know what you're doing, that's real power, that's when you're strong."




“I do believe that I am around twenty six. Give or take two years. Time was a might fluid when I was at…uh…at grandmother’s house.”

“I guess I was-I am of Russian descent.”

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity:
“I am afraid that is none of your business.”
((She’s tentatively bisexual, since most of her encounters have been in Arcadia. The few encounters she’s had back in the mortal plane have been with men. She identifies with female.))

What is your Mask?
A tall, blonde, hazel-eyed woman who tends to dress in conservative, old fashioned clothing. Rarely seen wearing pants, she tends to wear an odd assortment of layered-skirts that fall past her knees, colorful scarves, embroidered blouses and vests. She always wears a pair of tall boots, most often of the steel-toed variety, and socks (normally thick, unless the weather demands otherwise) held up by garters.

What is your Mein?
She is stitched up like a doll; at the neck, the shoulders and the ankles. She has iron antlers, sprouting from the top of her head, long, furry gray eyes with tufts of black, and black within black eyes. Her long blonde-gray hair that falls to her elbows. Her arms are long, furry, and end in hand-like paws with iron claws. Her torso, from the front, is furry and a pale gray, while from the back, it’s looks like a rotting, hollowed out tree. Her legs are digitgrade, furry, of a darker gray than her torso. They end in iron hooves.
Her changes are related to ‘her fairytale’, which stated that she helped a cat, a tree, a dog and a wrought iron gate. It either means that the story was drawn from her appearance, or vice versa.
Her eyes change, depending on her mood/level-of-broken-ness/if she’s feeling more Arcadia then Real, or vice versa. When she’s feeling more ‘Arcadia’, she has black-within-black eyes, and in extreme cases, she will lose the eyes altogether. This however, doesn’t happen that often. When she’s feeling more like the mortal coil, she has her normal hazel eyes, although they do tend to be larger than normal.

Who were you as a human?
“I was a peasant, a child. No one special.” ((She was a pretty child, though))

Who were you close to before you were taken? Lovers? Family?
“I was close to my father, and closer still to my mother. However, she died of a strange fever that was sweeping the country. The doctor from the town couldn’t make it in time. Those things tend to happen when you live in the middle of the forest.
I was fairly close to my father, until he remarried. After that we started to grow apart, and it would have continued to worsen, but then I…was taken to….to grandmother’s house.”

Why did you get taken?
“Why was I taken? Through sheer bad luck, I suppose. I remember walking in the forest, gathering mushrooms and herbs, when I noticed this doll. It looked like the one my mother gave to me before she died, the one that my stepsister burned out of spite. I remember picking the doll up, and the next thing I saw was a wicked grin and a red babushka, and then darkness. When I awoke, I was with her.”

How long were you in Arcadia? Human time/Fairy time
“Time there is…fluid at best. I was there, by my reckoning, only twenty years and sixty two days. However, when I came back the first time, fifteen years had passed in the mortal realm, and then I returned to Arcadia. Nine years had passed in Arcadia. I returned to the mortal realm a second time, and many hundreds of years had passed.”

What happened in Arcadia?
“While I was there, Baba Yaga took care of me, raised me. She taught me all I knew. In return, I server her, as best I could. When she went a-visiting, I went with her, and served her and those she visited. I traveled the courts with her for most of the last few years, learning more and more. Eventually, I learned enough tricks and gathered enough knowledge to escape. But…those are tales for another time.”

How did you get your contracts?
“Well….I talked to one of the empty dolls….and sometimes…they talked back…not for long though…but enough…they said they would always be there to listen, even if they didn’t talk back….
The visions…Baba asked to me to see if I could tell her something new about someone…I tried and tried, but I couldn’t tell her anything interesting…later that night…after I was placed in with the screaming dolls….I begged to be able to see things better…to see anything that would make Baba stop putting me in the shed….and…well…I was able to….”

What broke you?
“I’d…I’d rather not talk about this.”
((Vasiliya was almost drowned as a child, as so she has a strong fear of drowning. Baba Yaga found this out and repeatedly almost drowned her. When she acquired her mein, she realized that it too came with some…problems.
Since her back is hollow, it fills with water very easily, and when it has even the slightest amount of water in it, she feels like she is drowning. Baba Yaga would purposely pour water into her back, and order Vasiliya to not remove it, or else she’d be turned into a doll.
Having that repeatedly done to her, in addition to being locked in a room full of the screaming dolls (the previous girls), caused her to break. There are some other things that happened as well, but she’s a bit fuzzy on the memories. All she knows is that they are terrifying.))

How did you escape?
“With luck. And knowledge. And a few trapdoors. And most importantly, a few… friends…”
((Will add more later))

How have you dealt with the horror?
“I deal with it…well…by doing things. Keeping my mind off of it. I paint. I pull extra shifts at the parlor. I sing about other things. I update my ink, I add to my piercing or reopen some. I write letter. Occasionally I drink.”
((She basically vents through media. Paints, writing, ink, etc))

What have you done since you got back?
“I’ve…I’ve gotten a job, I’m…a tattoo artist. I’ve learned to ride a bike; it’s how I get around. I’ve found that…I’m broken…and that scares most men…and it scares them away. I’ve learned to cook on an electric and gas stove, instead of a wood one. I’ve started painting and I’ve learned to sleep in a busy city.”

What do humans think you do?
“They think I’m a tattoo artist, which I am, and an aspiring painter, which I’m not. They think I grew up and escaped from the USSR.” ((They also think she’s a strange duck. The most observant realize she’s had some abuse, and assume it’s either her father that hit her, or an ex-husband.))

What is your relationship with your court?
“Currently courtless, but I am friendly with all of them, and quite fond of a few of them.”

Where do you live?
“20 Rue Beaubourg 75004, PARIS FR, right above ‘Anomaly Tattoo and Piercings’. I like it there. It’s small, but cozy. There’s a stray cat that sometimes comes around though. I don’t like it.”

Why did you join your Entitlement?
“I joined the Magistrate of Wax so I could do something useful. I like being useful. I also like being able to move somewhat freely, when doing my duties. I also like plans.”

Explain any flaws you have.
“None of your business. Flaws are private. You can…I don’t want you to exploit them. So sodd off.”
((Vasiliya is quick to judge. And quick to fall in love. ))
((Actual game flaws: Nightmares, Embarrassing secret(several, actually, all to be revealed later) and Manifest mien.))

Explain your merits?
“Nothing to really tell….I managed to get an ID…one of the other changelings…Claude….He helped me with that….I have a token from home…I guess you can call it home….I brought the doll from there…I have a job…it’s not much…but it keeps me happy. I do not know why the courts are nice to me. Heh.”

What do you know about your fetch?
“She…she stole my place. I didn’t see her…but she…she forced me to go back…to…to her….I…I hate her…but…I am unsure…of this hate. I try not to think of her. It. She’s gone now.”

“I like to practice tattooing when I can. I also like to paint, and cook. I also enjoy dancing, occasionally.”

1 wish- what would it be?
“My one wish would be that my mother had never died. With her, my father was a decent man, and I would have lived a normal life.”

What changelings are you close to?
Claude…He helped me get settled…then demanded sugar cookies…Heh. That lovely catastrophe made me learn how to use a gas stove finally. he occasionally drops by to demand pie now. He’s….unintentionally a jerk….Most of the time. He used to be a rabbit-y thing. [Jackalope] His day job is an accountant… which may explain the grumpiness.

Pagino…Ah….Her Mein looks like a cassowary….She’s a party animal…but means well… and tries to help her friends…She just….doesn’t succeed a lot… She took her new name from her favorite opera…I think she’s either a bar tender or a stripper or a DJ….Not sure.

What humans do you contact?
“Mostly my customers, my coworkers, Leanne and Jean. Oh, and my boss, Arianne. That’s about it.”

What are you most proud of?
“I’m still alive and I’m doing fairly well, despite all of what happened. I have friends both here and…there… Oh, and that tattoo I did on Arianne. Quite proud of that. It covers most of her back. Quite nice if I must say so myself.”

What is your worst memory pre-Arcadia?
“I have many worst memories, pre-Arcadia. And none of them are your business."
((Her worst memories tend to be of the day her mother died, the day her step-family and father started beating her, the continued, more frequent and more worse the beatings became, and the day she almost drowned.))”

What 3 languages do you speak?
Russian, French, and German.

What would your spirit animal be and why?
“Uh, I was told it was a Chimera by one of the other changelings…I guess he could see these things? I trust his judgment, so…chimera it is.”
[I see a snow leopard as more likely. Shy, strong, good at observing and used to hard circumstances.]

Who has influenced you most in your life?
“Baba Yaga.”

What did you want to be when you grew up?
“I…wanted to be a…well…a mother, a storyteller of bedtime tales and singer of teaching songs. I wanted to be a loyal a wife, with a husband who worked hard and thought of me fondly.
I also wanted, against all impossibilities, to maybe have been a painter.
I would have also settled for being a town midwife, if neither of the previous two were possible.”

If you had a D&D alignment what would it be?
“Lawful Neutral”

How do you deal with problems?
“I analyze the problem, come up with solutions, and pick the one that is most applicable, of course.” ((Partially a lie here. If the problem is mundane, she will handle it like a champ. However, if the problem relates even a little to Arcadia, she tends to freeze up or panic.))

Favorite book/movie/folktale?
“Hah. Folktales. Bunch of bullshit. I hate folktales. They’re lies. Promises to children that if they’re obedient, life will end up happily ever after for them, that the horrible things they live through wont haunt them for the rest of their days. Vse zayebalo! Pizdets na khui blyad!
However, if I absolutely have to choose a favorite book, it’d be Inferno, by Dante Alighieri.”

What famous historical or literary figure is your role model?
“I don’t admire fictional characters. Most of them are people, and people break. They break so…so easily….if I have to pick someone…I guess its…I guess I…I admire Baba Yaga, despite our…spats… she was like a mother to me, and she taught me much. I owe her so much. I also admire…well, there are several people in the courts I admire. But that’s really none of your business.”

Describe yourself in a phrase.
“A person, like ice, easy to shatter, but just as easy to reform stronger.”

Vasiliya Prazbitay

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