Grégoire Galopin

See all evil, Hear all evil, Speak all evil, Prevent all evil.


Seeming: Beast Wyrd 2
Virtue: Prudence Vice: Wrath
Kith: Dual Kith- Steepscrambler and Truefriend
Mental Stats Physical Stats Social Stats
Intelligence 1 Strength 1 Presence 1
Wits 4 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3
Resolve 1 Stamina 2 Composure 4

Mental Skills Physical Skills Social Skills
Crafts 2 Athletics 4 (Jumping) Animal Ken 2 (Monkey)
Investigation 2 Firearms 2 (Pistols) Expression 2
(Tracking) Stealth 2 Intimidation 2
Weaponry 3 (Spear) Streetwise 1

Merits Contracts
Dual Kith 2 Fang and Talon (Birds) 4
Token 1 (extendable spear) Smoke 1
Mantle (Autumn) 1
3 dots traded for 1 dot of Wyrd

Post 60 Exp, as well as 2 dots of clarity traded for 5 exp.

Seeming: Beast Wyrd 3
Virtue: Prudence Vice: Wrath
Kith: Dual Kith- Steepscrambler and Truefriend
Mental Stats Physical Stats Social Stats
Intelligence 1 Strength 1 Presence 1
Wits 4 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3
Resolve 1 Stamina 2 Composure 4

Mental Skills Physical Skills Social Skills
Crafts 2 (Haunted Athletics 4 (Jumping) Animal Ken 2 (Monkey)
House) Firearms 2 (Pistols) Expression 2 (“Ghost” or Horror stories)
Invest 2 Larceny 1 Intimidation 2
(Tracking) Weaponry 3 (Spears) Streetwise 1

Merits Contracts
Dual Kith 2 Fang and Talon (Birds) 4
Token 1 (extendable spear) Smoke 1
Mantle (Autumn) 2 Fang and Talon (Rodents) 3
Spear Finesse 2
Allies (News agency) 2
Resources (News “lackey”) 1
2 exp left


Grégoire Galopin is my current name, but my old name was Léon, before that Fetch corrupted it with his connection to that swine.

According to the birth certificate, 28. Arcadia however, well its fucked up place. All being accounted for, I think I look it.

French, from the Brittany region.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity?
Ugh, I believe I am straight, but I have not touched a woman since Tricia. If love can make one stupid, it can make one celibate.

What is your Mask?
I am 180 centimeters tall, give or take. I weigh 81 kilograms. I am made of very lean muscle, but I can hardly lift a thing. That being said, my fingers are swift, and my feet swifter. I tend to wear a loose dress shirt tucked into flexible jeans. If I have to wear shoes they tend to be small sneakers that look something like dress shoes if you only glance. I have a glassy look in my dark grey eyes, and straw blonde hair…everywhere, except my face, dieu merci.

What is your Mein?
My eyes look like buttons, and my skin has become kind of leathery. My limbs are a little longer than they should be. I am still just as hairy. My feet look like palms, and I have a small tail. My mouth appears sewn shut, with a bit of straw coming out.

Who were you as a human?
I was Léon of Redon. I lived in a farm house near the city. I used to go hunting with my father, but I was always more interested with pistols than rifles. It is what the cool guys used in T.V. I had a B.B. gun pistol as a child. I had a sister, Élise. She was the smart one of the family. Always star gazing. I made her a wooden telescope for her 10th birthday, October 23 1996. It could extend, from about 15cm to 45cm. My dad started to drink once my mom got cancer. And then he started beating me and my sister. He would take off his belt and beat our skin red. Mother was too sick to even get up. One day however, he got particularly drunk, and beat Élise senseless. He beat her with her telescope after I hid his belts from him. 1996, December 12th, she ran away, blood still dripping from her back. I remember her little bloody footprints leading from our living room to the front door, and then out into the snow. They never found her body, and they never found out how my dad beat us. He got sorry after that. One day, he bought me ice cream, which reminded me of the snow, so I threw it into his face. He was too destroyed to even hit back. The sickest part, Mother got better. She went into remission. His fears were baseless, and his drinking was worthless. I moved away as soon as I could. Straight to the other side of France. I lived in Nice from when I was 18, till I got taken. Or, well, I took myself really.

Who were you close to before you were taken? Lovers? Family?
Élise, and only Élise. My mother hid in her sickness, and my father was a bastard. I found solace telling tourists little urban legends from around town, almost all I made up. I never cared to learn the real ones from people. In Nice, however, I guess I did talk to Zoé and Gabriel. They liked me because of my stories, ghost tales made up on the spot. They were convinced they were real. We went to bars, got drunk, and yelled at tourists. It was fun, if stupid.

Why did you get taken?
I got drunk one night, and started telling my stories. I was never one to gather a crowd, I never had the presence to do so. But if I got your ear, I could spin lies into truth and make you believe in vampires and ghosts. I got angry at Zoé because she started to date Gabe, which also made me angry at Gabe. They left early into the night to fuck like rabbits and I was still in the bar, telling stories about ghosts. It stung the most because the night before was my 20th birthday. This little birdy flew in through the door, gorgeous girl, and she started listening. Not just to one tail, like everyone else, but all of them. She had pitch black hair, and her eyes looked the same. Her nose was long and thin, but cute. We left the bar and she asked if I wanted to play a game. I was drunk, and no longer angry, so I agreed. She ran into the alleyway and told me to chase her. As I did, climbing fences and dodging into a deserted building when the police got noise complaints, well we passed out. The next night, I realized that the building we stepped into was open aired, and more like a palace entrance than a warehouse.

How long were you in Arcadia? Human time/Fairy time
1 year in the real world, but in Arcadia, I measured the time as 56 rooms slept in, and 17 fled through.

What happened in Arcadia?
Short story is that I fell in love and had my heart broken. The long story is that the game continued. Turns out Tricia, as she called herself, was a little more birdlike than originally thought. That being said, it turned out I was better at climbing than I originally guessed. The whole world around us was this grand palace, shattered into a thousand pieces, but none of the pieces wanted to fall. Floating islands made of marble and bookshelves were our playground. I swung from chandeliers chasing Tricia, falling asleep in beds made of silk finer than satin, and satin finer than silk. We made love, and we made a deal. I would always love her and help her, and she would do the same. One night however, we awoke to a gun shot and a broken banister. Men riding wolves with feet made of clouds fired a bolt of fear and hatred into our open room. Immediately a black panther with the stark blue eyes of an angel descended upon us. We started to run, until Tricia was clipped in the wing by another shot. I carried her as far as I could, but I could not keep going with her on my back. I let go of her for a second to catch my breath. The panther started to circle her. I grabbed a stick that shifted its form in my hands. I quickly cracked the panther straight in the skull. The panther was stunned for a second, until the room’s weight shifted. Tricia fell off the edge, and I could not bear to look down. As I ran I pleaded with the shadows and the smoke to hide my footsteps, and they played a sick trick on me, replacing my footsteps with the bloody footprints of my sister, and an additional set of footprints that looked like an ogre’s. But it kept them off my trail for long enough. I begged Tricia for her help, and instead I was met with a swarm of ravens, blacker than the night. They went off in the direction of my hunters, and I never got a chance to thank them, but I heard their screams and gunshots. I got no sleep as I ran and I ran and I ran, until I finally stumbled through a door way, out into a sewer, climbed through a man hole, and found myself in Marseilles.

How did you get your contracts?
My vows to Tricia, to take care of all birds as I took care of her, and her vow that all birds would take care of me as she did, well I think thats how that started. And the shadows, or maybe it was the smoke that listened, well one of them has shown me how to create those bloody prints.

What broke you?
Tricia’s death. To see such compassion die, it would be better to have never seen it in the first place.

How did you escape?
I ran, I simply ran, and begged and pleaded with the world to help me. I think a bit of Tricia even guided me, or at least some sort of Avian.

How have you dealt with the horror?
I haven’t. I refuse to love. I cannot know any sweeter compassion or beauty than Tricia. She showed me freedom, a world of true freedom. But it was cut short by those monsters that overrun that place. I hope and I plead that no others have to see that world. The world of ecstasy, being corrupted by foul beasts and horrible tyrants. I have learned that others experiences were, well, not more damaging, but had less hope if you will. They only experienced terror, and this gives them a life with a certainty, Arcadia is evil. It gives them no extra pain to lose Arcadia in addition to their earlier lives.

What have you done since you got back?
I moved to Paris. I wanted nothing to do with Nice or the Ocean or anything in the south. I got a job, I started working for a local news agency, but I don’t even have a real position. I run errands and get drinks and take pictures and other pointless stuff. (Resources 1) I would also ask to get some of my little ghost stories published as rumors and speculation in the gossip section. (“Ghost” stories specialization) I also joined the Autumn court. I wanted to understand fear, as I had a plan. I went back home, remembered where the key was hidden, and made a copy. I snuck in one night when mother and father were gone. I learned that her room was exactly the same as the night she died. 8 years later and they still changed nothing. While hiding in the attic, sleeping there, and eating there, and never leaving, I found out through eavesdropping that my Fetch made peace with my Father. Said he forgave him, and who could blame him, everyone makes mistakes. That was the day I figured out the rest of what I had to do. Every Thursday, before they woke up, I would sneak down into Élise’s room, walk with the her footprints from her door to the front door. I would cut myself and leave messages in her room asking why would daddy beat me. I found her diary and ripped out pages of the nights he beat her and plastered them across the house. Every night I would open the window, and if father stepped into her room I would summon a swarm of ravens to attack him until he left. They set up cameras in her room and the rest of the house, all except the attic, those idiots. I first set up the attic like her room, replacing boxes for her bed and her dresser. I put a doll on her “bed” and covered the doll’s back in blood. I took another doll, opened the attic door to her closet, and asked the shadows to change my prints, they abided, and then I dropped my mask. climbed the walls of her room while holding onto one of her dolls, and crawled out of her room, stared at their bedroom entrance for over and hour, and then crawled along the walls to the front door, and left. The place has been considered haunted ever since. (drop of clarity 1, Larceny 1)

What do humans think you do?
They either think of me as Grégoire, or as some form of vengeful ghost.

What is your relationship with your court?
After the farm house incident, I was left death threats in my home. I wrote back, asking why I should die. They gave no response, and I placed the note next to a mirror, on my window sill, and even in a mailbox, but no response. So I ignored it, probably a prank. Then dead animals would appear near the entrance of my apartment. I reported it to the landlady, asking her to take care of such things, and then the police when it continued. Nothing came of it, but the animals stopped popping up. Finally I was held at gunpoint in an alleyway. I summoned a bunch of ravens to go for the gun man’s eyes. They did, I then brought out my spear, extended it, held it to his throat, and ask him who he served and what did he want. He asked me to join the Scarecrows, as an intern I guess. I was told to haunt a house, abandoned, on the outskirts of Montemartre and make sure no one goes into the portals to Arcadia, to create fear in the normals and make sure that they never faced what we faced. I was all okay with this. I gathered information from other Scarecrows and learned some of their tips and tricks. (Autumn Mantle 2) I was taught how to construct little devices that made bright lights, thick smoke, and horrifying noises. (Haunted House Specialization) I joined in 2008.

Where do you live?
I live in Paris, a sort of shitty part of town, but it gives me so much glamour, walking behind a person, hand in my jacket, or knife in my palm. Everyone becomes scared of the night, as they should be.

Why did you join your Entitlement?
To make sure others did not lose what I lost, even if that meant never having it in the first place.

Explain any flaws you have.
I care, way too much. I will fret over an issue until it strikes me dead or is solved.

Explain your merits?
I know when to run, and I know when to stab.

What do you know about your fetch?
He is a slimy little fucker who thinks that what my father did is “an accident.” He is a monster for how he treats my sister’s memory more than for the nature of his being. I spit on twigs and dust in hopes that he feels the pain of his “kind.”

Woodwork, writing, mechanics (finer bits), training with the spear, and talking to rodents and birds.

1 wish- what would it be?
That Tricia would find me, and love me again.

What changelings are you close to?
Whispering Sylvia, a fellow Scarecrow. She uses mirrors and rats to break minds, but she does good work. She has protected more homes and gates in Paris than I ever could. She is much older, almost 70 now. She trained me in some tricks and some trades. She taught me how to talk to rats, which is her normal modus operandi. (Fang and Talon [rodents] 3). She also showed me the benefits of grave robbing. (Clarity loss 2) And how being a little more fae can be a good things (Wyrd 3). She also bought me my bugbear mask for when I become a full scarecrow. It was rubbery mask that has nails for teeth, and fish hooks through open eyelids. We cut out the fake looking blood shot eyes so you could see the buttons in mine if I need to drop my mask.

What humans do you contact?
The news agency only. Roland, who edits the gossip section is pretty much the only one I contact outside of work. I have bought him enough beers, and kept enough secrets from his wife that he will do a lot of things for me (Allies [news agency] 2)

What are you most proud of?
Scaring my father away from anything that is Élise’s.

What is your worst memory pre-Arcadia?
Élise’s death.

What 3 languages do you speak?
French, English, and French Sign Language. The first two were learned in school, while the last was taught to me by Sylvia. She had a thing for sneaking around and speaking silently.

What would your spirit animal be and why?
A monkey. It is the trickster, the manipulator, the one who creates stories telling why things are and creates a culture. I create the culture of Paris. I created the stories that scare criminals into hiding, tells of rats that watch you and protect you, or hunt you down if you sin. I am the one who created the tales of the blood red print, the creeper who climbs up walls straight up. I trick and I lie to protect others from tripping and falling into Arcadia.

Who has influenced you most in your life?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A writer.

How do you deal with problems?
I scare them away, if they don’t run, I do.

Favorite book/movie/folktale?
Léon: The Professional

What famous historical or literary figure is your role model?
Nemesis. She punishes those who show hubris, to make others realize not to be so foolish.

Describe yourself in a phrase.
To prevent loss, create fear.

Grégoire Galopin

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