The Grandmother

Leader of the Family of Silent Nights


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Nightsinger


Name: Grandmother Sarah
Quote: Shh… sleep. I’ll keep your dreams safe
Description: An imposing woman who is most distinctly ‘grandmother’ not ‘grandma’ or ‘nanna.’ She stands at 5’9", her grey hair in a tight bun. She is usually wearing a grey pin-stripped pantsuit, with a heavy jacket over top, which she always keeps closed. She keeps her lips pursed tight, her nose is long. Those who know her personally claim that she is a nice woman, that her songs will give you the most beautiful dreams you’ve ever had. Looking at her, it seems doubtful. In her mein she has leathery banshee wings outstretched from her back.

Family of Silent Nights

The Grandmother

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