The Rose Princess

Tymeria Sunrise


Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Chatelaine


Name: Tymeria Sunrise

Quote: Don’t cry sweetheart. You don’t have any reason to cry yet.

Description: Medieval princess, her golden hair is plaited with roses. Her bearing is perfect and graceful. She has beautiful grey eyes, steady, rarely blinking. She is short, only 5’2" and she appears to be about 29 years old.

Rumors: She is a cruel and vindictive woman.
It takes 4 maids to get her looking perfect every day, but you’ll never see a hair out of place on her head.

Ladies in Waiting: Andrea Rosechild Lily Roseburn Serra Rosesword Lyra Rosetongue Cheryl Rosesleep Jessie Rosetear Kiyomi Roseblood

The Rose Princess

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