Spring is the court of Desire, here are changelings who cope with the pain by creating a new version of themselves, where they can do what they want. Rakes, mad scientists, shadowy whisperers, it matters not, it is all about the show.

Summer is the court of Wrath. Here those who have reacted to what happened to them with anger and fury go. They don’t want to hide from the fairies, or move on, they want revenge. Warriors are the most common here.

Autumn is the court of Fear. Changelings who have spent enough time cowed by fairies, now they want to understand the fae, as that is the best way to combat them. Knowledge is power, but that power can be dangerous. Many autumn court members are scholars and researchers.

Winter is the court of Sorrow. Other courts may choose to combat the fae, but it is dangerous, it is better to hide. Silence and shadows are safer, and that is where you will stay. So much has been lost, but if you hide long enough maybe you can get some of it back. All kinds of changelings go here.

Dawn is the court of Salvations. There is still hope, happiness is possible, but it will come at a cost. There is always a cost. When there is a chance for improvement, the Dawn court will take it, even if the choice is a tough one.

Dusk is the court of Doom. Fatalism marks most members of this court, but they don’t despair. They know that they will die, and they accept it. There are many paths to walk, but they are doomed, they have been marked by their keepers. Therefore, you must do something great before you fall.

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