Creating your Character

The crunch

Follow the rules in the core Changeling the Lost book to create a character with 0 experience. Then add 60 experience (more may be awarded for back story) and keep track of how you spend it. I reserve the right to veto experience spending.

Remember you should select and entitlement or a court. If possible, fulfill the acquirement for your entitlement. If you select an entitlement where this is not possible for you to fulfill the requirements, talk to me, you might be an ‘intern’ with the organization rather than a full member. If it is possible to fulfill the requirements and you just want over things, quit your bitching and get over it. You can get other things later.

The fluff

Then create a back story. I’ll be writing up a list of questions for you to answer and posting it here, but create as much as you’d like. The more you give me the more bonus experience you get.

You’ve been out for a few years, maybe 5 or so, enough that you can have gotten well established within the freehold. That doesn’t mean that you’re comfortable, happy, or well adjusted though. You were kidnapped by fairies and horrifically tortured. You’re not ok. You’ll probably never be ok. You live in fear, because one day they’ll come back. How you deal with all of this is up to you, but you must be dealing with it.

Character Questions

Homebrew Options

Freehold Blessing

Game Introduction


Creating your Character

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