Game Introduction

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It’s May 16th 2012, the day before the Homecoming Festival. It’s been an odd few years, last year the freehold was attacked by a group of loyalists, which has led the council to be cloistered for weeks. They come out of session today, just in time for everyone to attend the ball. They are encouraging everyone to attend festivities, claiming it will strengthen the freehold, but many changelings are still tense. It is on this morning that you will embark on a series of strange adventures…

(Feel free to create blog posts in the Adventure log with what you have been doing immediately prior to this date so I have an idea of what you’ve been working on. This is mainly to give you guys a feel for the mood of the city at this time.)


The games will be running concurrently, so excpect references to each other.

Game Introduction

Changelings in Paris bastthegatekeeper