1. This is an adventure game with horror elements. Please don’t break any tension with comments about star wars.

2. I spend twice the time we spend playing creating this game. Please respect the work I put into making this fun.

3. If it isn’t fun- TELL ME. I welcome all feedback

4. If you want to cheat, get out of my game.

5. If you do something retarded in character, I will kill your character.

6. Don’t make a character incapable of being a PC in a party

7. You are BROKEN. Make characters that reflect that.

8. If you are uncomfortable with anything I’m doing in game, please let me know

9. Mental illness is a mechanic in this game. Rape is a thing that has happened. If you play either of these for laughs you are no longer welcome in my games.

10. Don’t make a character who says things like ‘did you see the way she was dressed’ or who is racist in an offensive way. You’re not clever enough to pull it off. You never will be. You’ll just sound like an ass. I’ve tried it, I’ve seen others try it, don’t fucking do it. (You can be sexist, and racist, but toe the line.)

A note about the second to last rule

Rape is a subject that I prefer to treat delicately. IF your background has involved sex in Arcadia of ANY kind, come talk to me about it so I can make sure that you understand what you’re getting into. The reason I’m more careful about this than many other things, is because this can be a very triggering issue for some people and I don’t want someone to feel uncomfortable because you’re being an immature jackass about rape. There may be other triggers in this game, but they are less common. If there is another issue that you find very triggering and you want treated delicately, PLEASE talk to me. I will remove it from my game, no questions asked. If you don’t want to tell me in person, slip a typed note under my door, have a friend give it to me, but do not let me go into something that will be harmful to your mental well-being. No game is worth bringing up someone’s painful and traumatic memories.


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