Changeling the Lost

This is a game of dealing with horrific torture and adventure. This game is my baby, so if you can’t create an in depth character then please opt out. I am going to be putting a lot of time into making this world so I’d appreciate it if my players put some effort into playing and making their characters interesting. Now, for the system itself!

You were kidnapped by fairies at some point in your life. Why you were kidnapped varies. Some people are taken because they have singular talents, others irritate fairies who cross their paths, a few sign deals, gaining something for their service, and some stumble through the hedge by themselves, where they are picked up. Once you entered Arcadia you were tortured in various horrific fashions. Fairies just don’t understand that humans have feelings. Think about how a child might treat a toy, but imagine if that toy were a human. After an amount of time, usually between 2 and 7 years, you escaped, broken, back through the hedge and into the real. Maybe it was a day in our time, a few years, a hundred, or maybe just a few scant seconds. You have been replaced by a horrific creature called a fetch, spun out of dust and twigs. Maybe it ruined your life, divorcing your wife and alienating your friends. Maybe it lived your life better than you ever could. Maybe it’s been dead for a year, and everyone has moved on and you have been forgotten. No matter what reclaiming your old life will be difficult, perhaps impossible.

Now you have changeling society, others like yourself, who have experienced similar traumas. You band together with them, because maybe with enough of you you’ll be safe when the keepers come back, when your fairy master comes to take what is his. You have a few powers, you ate fairy food and lived in Arcadia, you made contracts with… something, and now you can use those powers to manipulate the real world. You can present yourself as perfectly normal to humans, but to other changelings you appear… different. You don’t remember all of what happened in Arcadia, your mind has tried to save itself and block out much of the horror, but from what you do remember, if was awful, and you never want to go back. You are the Lost.

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Changelings in Paris

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