Goblin Markets

Full Moon Bazaar

This Goblin Market lasts from Sunset to Sunrise every full moon. The market is small for a goblin market, but it still holds untold wonders. Tokens, Contracts, Goblin Fruits, Slaves, and so much more can be found during those short nighttime hours.

The market is an open air market in the center of Paris, which everyone else seems to walk right by.

Dark Moon Market

No one is sure if this market is the same as the full moon market, but it shows up for a full 24 hours on the day of the black moon. During the day it is just like the Full Moon Bazaar, but at night more madness comes out.

The market is in a wooded glade outside of Paris.

Fete of the Blue Moon?

This market is somewhat legendary, as it has been many years since the last blue moon. It is said to be in the hedge, and that you can only access it by standing in a circle of mushrooms, putting a drop of blood on the ground, and reciting a verse of the Goblin Market poem. The market is said to last for 7 days and 7 nights, and then it will disappear. No one has described it’s locale, but whispers claim that it’s fantastic.

At the very least, the market should appear this August, as there is a blue moon.

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Goblin Markets

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