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Court Enmity (Social Flaw)

Not only have you switched Courts or abandoned the Court system entirely, but you managed to tweak the wrong noses hard on the way out. Perhaps you ran from an important Summertide fight when your rage finally wore out and disgust finally settled in, or they found out you gave up the location of an important Winter hideaway in exchange for a token at the Goblin Market. Whatever the case, your reputation has suffered a heavy blow that will take some serious time and effort to recover from, if you can recover at all.

Characters gain this flaw with one specific Court and cannot have any rating in Mantle or Court Goodwill with that Court until the resentment is somehow resolved. Court Enmity acts as a -2 penalty to social interactions with the Court in question (though not supernatural powers based on Social rolls). This flaw may be acquired multiple times, should the character rouse the genuine ire of more than one Court. Experience is gained when this social penalty gets in the way of or directly harms the character’s goals.

Forgotten Promise (Supernatural Flaw)

You have entered into a pledge but do not recall doing so, which leaves you unaware of the parties, restrictions, and boons involved – at least for now. Eventually, the Wyrd will reveal the terms of your contract to you, and you will have to live up to your end of the bargain or face the consequences. Such a promise is likely to be tied very deeply to the circumstances of your earliest experiences as a changeling and will probably involve important figures like family members, your Keeper, your fetch, or the privateer who sold you into bondage. In rare circumstances, such a pledge is an oath or corporal (based on mortal or seeming emblems, or tied to a nemesis) rather than a standard vow.

This flaw is only available at character creation and represents an opportunity to explore themes related to the character’s past.



Resources are going to work slightly differently in this game. You can put dots in resources. These dots add to your ‘base expendable income’ which I will be determining. Every in game month you will receive this expendable income plus any bonuses. If you want to buy something, I tell you much it is in euros, and you remove that amount from your expendable income. As a guideline, I’ll probably be using internet prices (amazon.com). If this doesn’t work well we’ll go back to the normal system, but I think this will work better


All of these from all books should be available, per my approval. For some of them I may adjust things.
For instance Manic Depression (Vampire the Requiem p. 189) will be: after you fail a goal roll a d10. If you get a 7 or an 8, as the depression derangement. If you get a 9 or a 10, lose half of your composure and roleplay a lack of impulse control. Roll resolve+composure every scene to see if you break out of it.

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